Destination Marketing Summit & Vendor Showcase

September 23-25, 2015 | Ogden Conference Center | Ogden, Utah

Shaping the future of destination marketing is about DMO CEOs and team members using their knowledge and skills to inform, innovate and influence.

DMA West is here to support and provide resources to western DMOs as they enhance initiatives and technologies associated with interactions with visitors, clients, partners/stakeholders, board members and elected leaders, as well as interactions with colleagues and industry peers.

The Destination Marketing Association of the West (DMA West) is a regional membership organization of more than 145 destination marketing organizations (DMOs). The CEOs and staff members of these member-organizations are committed to improving organizational effectiveness, implementing engaging marketing and communications strategies, successfully representing their stakeholders and advancing the destination-marketing profession.

With support of the DMA West Education and Research Foundation, a separate nonprofit entity, DMA West is a valuable source of learning, knowledge and future-oriented research for the destination marketing profession, and provides resources, education and ideas to enhance the performance and influence of destination marketing organizations in the West.

Learn more about what DMA West offers for destination marketers in the western United States and western provinces of Canada who want to enhance their destination-marketing skills.

Celebrate Your Stakeholders


This summer Visit Vancouver USA is highlighting ‘Originals’ in Vancouver USA! From original breweries and food trucks, to wine- tasting rooms and bakeries, they have a lot to celebrate. Visit Vancouver USA is showcasing several Vancouver USA ‘Originals' to learn why they have chosen to build their business in Vancouver. A variety of original personalities and a strong sense of community were main factors that drove business owners to establish themselves in Vancouver USA. View full profiles of the Vancouver USA Originals.


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