22_EDU Summit

DMA West Education Summit & Vendor Showcase

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September 14-16

Education Summit & Vendor Showcase and Best Idea Program
Education Summit Registration Fee: Includes sessions and group meal functions.
Special Offer: The Education Summit member fee is open to DMA West members and any DMO delegate from a nonmember DMO in California.


September 14, 2022
(Wednesday) – Experiential Sessions

Per person fee for each Experiential Session (Experience-the-Destination outings). Choose one.

Spouse/Companion Registration Fees

September 14, 2022
(Wednesday) – Experiential Sessions

Per spouse/companion/guest fee for each Experiential Session (Experience-the-Destination outings). Choose one.


Assumption of Risk – I accept and assume all risks of my in-person participation, including the risk of injury or contracting an infectious disease, including but not limited to COVID-19 exposure.

Permission to be Photographed – I understand DMA West will take photos at this event for its own purposes, including republication in print and on its digital platforms. I hereby give permission for DMA West and its assigns to use my name, photograph and public-facing biography, without compensation to me, in conjunction with any such uses.

Release of All Claims – I hereby release, indemnify against all costs, expenses and attorney fees, and hold harmless DMA West, as well as their respective affiliates, directors, officers, staff, agents, employees, contractors or volunteers, from any claims related in any fashion to the 2022 Education Summit & Vendor Showcase, including all sessions/events/activities whether at the headquarter hotel or at another venue or location.  


Vendor Marketing Messages

We invite our vendors/sponsors to send marketing messages to Summit delegates as a preview of services, products, and opportunities available at the Vendor Showcase. Our vendors/sponsors are essential to the success of our events.

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2022 DMA West Education Summit & Vendor Showcase

September 14-16, 2022
Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach

Visit Ventura

Destination: Ventura