VancouverUSA_BreathingRoomImage.jpgVisit Vancouver USA Releases New Campaign Aimed at Spreading Awareness of New Waterfront

In early June, Visit Vancouver USA unveiled a new marketing campaign encouraging both Portland locals and visitors to cross the river and experience how the destination has changed. Titled “Yeah, that Vancouver,” the campaign plays with both the name confusion and lack of expectations for the city’s offerings.

“Vancouver has changed significantly in the last decade,” said director of marketing Michelle McKenzie. “The Waterfront is going to be revolutionary for our destination. It’s going to get people over here, and once they are here, they are going to see the quality of food, breweries, local shops and ease of access between the Waterfront, Downtown and Uptown Village.”

The fully integrated campaign will include video, billboard advertising, print, radio, digital marketing and social media throughout the Portland market.

Phase 1 of the $1.5 billion waterfront development opened in September 2018, and residents and visitors alike can experience urban riverfront access for the first summer in more than 100 years. The new Waterfront Park stretches across 7.3 acres of green space and includes walking trails, picnic spots and public art. A water feature called The Headwaters Wall features a bronze topographical map of the Columbia River watershed and is interactive for kids.