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Visit Oceanside (CA) Partners with InjureFree COVID Monitoring App

In an effort to more quickly reopen Oceanside for sports events, Visit Oceanside is the first destination in California to partner with InjureFree, a web-based risk management platform for COVID-19 tracking and response. Stressing the need to safely resume sporting events as essential to tourism recovery, Visit Oceanside says InjureFree’s technology is an important factor in being able to hold events while protecting the health and safety of those involved and the surrounding community. InjureFree’s non-invasive COVID-19 monitoring and tracking service requires anyone associated with an event— including participants, players, coaches, organizers, volunteers, and more— to provide real time wellness information through an app. Based on information provided, the system alerts administrators when someone may be at risk for the illness. This reporting not only documents symptoms, but also delivers and tracks required education or testing and connects all care givers so that everyone involved is informed and aware of the person’s status. The InjureFree system can also be used as a contact tracing tool. Visit Oceanside’s InjureFree partnership is an initiative of its newly formalized sports commission division. Led by Ashley Goodrich, who was contracted by Visit Oceanside earlier this year, the commission focuses on bringing new, tourism-driving sporting events to the City. The U.S. Police and Fire Championships may be the first Oceanside event to use the platform.