Advocates Welcome: Visit Seattle Debuts #weSEAlove
New campaign celebrates inclusion every day of the year

In a world where positive news narratives can be difficult to find, Seattle is celebrating with the launch of the #weSEAlove campaign and advocates are welcome. Just prior to the city’s renowned Pride celebrations, June 23-24, Visit Seattle launched the new Instagram account and campaign as a call to arms for all those who believe in the power of humanity, the dignity of the individual and the respect for people of all kinds. For the next 365 days, the account will showcase a new photo or video representing the diversity of Seattle’s LGBTQ community and celebrating what can happen when doors remain open and tolerance and diversity belong in a city. Visit Seattle worked in partnership with their agency of record PB& to source and procure stories and photos of important historical dates as well as profiles of present-day advocates, business leaders and friends of the LGTBQ community in Seattle for the project. To support the new campaign Visit Seattle will also unveil the second video in a four-part series called Crowdsourced. This special LGBTQ–themed episode debuted June 14—just ahead of Seattle’s Pride Celebrations—on VISITSEATTLE.tv and follows Robin Cloud a Brooklyn-based comedian, writer, director and producer. Stripped of her smart phone and with only a paper map, a Polaroid camera, and locals-only recommendations to rely on, Cloud sets off on an adventure to explore the rich diversity of Seattle’s LGBTQ community and the powerful contributions it continues to make.