Stockton Business Recovery Coalition Launches

Launched on May 22, the Stockton Healthy Pledge program was initiated by the Stockton Business Recovery Coalition to support local businesses as they transition to recovery. This group of local business organizations was originally brought together by the City of Stockton Economic Development Department when restrictions on business operations across the city began in March. Led by Visit Stockton, the Stockton Healthy Pledge program is a free and voluntary pledge to affirm dedication to the health and safety of employees, customers and visitors. The pledge was created as a way for businesses to publicize the important steps they are taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Each part of the pledge is a way in which businesses will increase the confidence of consumers while welcoming them back. The Stockton Healthy Pledge program is a marketing toolkit provided to businesses with templates they can use to post important information for their employees and customers. The goal is to increase communication and transparency regarding new health and safety practices and to continue supporting local business operations. Visit Stockton CEO, Wes Rhea shared, “The Stockton Healthy Pledge program is open to all Stockton businesses and organizations. Reopening and adjusting services is not going to be easy for everyone and individuals may be overwhelmed at where to start. We are here to help.” Visit Stockton has also created a cleaning and reopening resource page on their site with links to official guidelines and recommendations for different industries. Stockton businesses are encouraged to go online to, review the pledge guidelines, and fill out a simple contact information form to verify their participation. As businesses take the pledge, they will be listed on the website for consumers to see.