Visit Oceanside Focuses on Authentic Experiences and Unique Personalities to Attract Visitors

Visit Oceanside unveiled its 2017 branding campaign “O’riginal O’side” at its 7th Annual Tourism Summit in the spring. Using words such as authentic, real, inventive, free-spirited and unorthodox, the campaign focuses on the unique people, places and events that give Oceanside its one-of-a-kind personality. The marketing campaign includes a video series featuring Oceanside locals and business people. A supporting ad campaign written in the format of fun, love letter postcards from Oceanside is also part of the campaign. “There is an incredible range of experiences for people in Oceanside,” said Leslee Gaul, CEO of Visit Oceanside. “This new campaign showcases the city’s unique assets in a way that captures the essence of our Southern California beach town and places a spotlight on what truly sets us apart.”

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