Visit Salt Lake Launches Blueprint Salt Lake

To ensure the long-term vitality and success of Salt Lake’s visitor economy, Visit Salt Lake is launching Blueprint Salt Lake, a collaborative action plan that explores how the destination and its quality of life narrative can evolve into a catalyst for innovation, investment and economic growth. 

Inspired by the vision of community leadership and innovation, the Blueprint will recommend core strategies to introduce a narrative for the greater Salt Lake region focused on key objectives and the assignment of ideal community partners with accountability for collaborative success. The initial launch of Blueprint Salt Lake includes a survey to ascertain current perceptions of Salt Lake as a leisure and convention destination as well as a location for business investment. The survey will be sent to an extensive list of stakeholders, customers/clients and investors. Results of the survey will act as the base of the Blueprint, a transparent living, breathing platform that Visit Salt Lake will develop into an activation roadmap providing specific and measurable objectives, designated accountability and the identification of required resources.