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2022 Leadership Summit for CEOs

For both newly minted leaders and veteran CEOs

The Leadership Summit for CEOs offers support to leaders throughout their careers ─ whether newly minted leaders or veteran CEOs. At the June 27-29 Leadership Summit in Colorado, CEOs can share best practices with peers, learn what is working (or not working) for others, and make meaningful connections. Special thanks to Vail Valley Partnership for serving as the conference host.

It’s no secret that effective leaders must be ready to embrace change, work through disruption, and foster a culture of innovation.

Many of these changes were accelerated by the pandemic, but industry and societal trends around innovation, sustainability, the future of work and more require a new leadership lens and new strategies to keep pace.

During the Leadership Summit presentations and dialogue, explore these issues deeply with experts as well as your industry peers and leave energized for a positive future.

General sessions and presenters include:

  • Make Culture Work: 5 Principles for Turning ‘Culture’ into a Tangible Business Tool, with Cynthia Agresta Forstmann, Co-founder and Partner, CultureTalk
  • Achieving ‘Net Positive’ Outcomes, with Cathy Ritter, Founder, Better Destinations LLC
  • New Realities for Tourism Organizations ─ Now and Forthcoming, with Ralf Garrison, Founder, Advisory Group and The Insights Collective

During the small group sessions, CEOs will be discussing the following and more.

  • How has Your Organization’s Role Changed?
  • Where are You Putting Your Funding?
  • What’s Your Compensation Philosophy?
  • Management Plan or Marketing Plan?
  • Residential Use vs. Visitor Use: How to Keep Everyone Satisfied?
  • Disaster Preparedness and the DMO’s Role

Special thanks to the Signature Sponsors for their support: Vail Valley Partnership, Madden Media and Tripadvisor.