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projecthope.pngSparkloft Media and Tech Summit Delegates Do Good Together

At the March 2022 DMA West Tech Summit in Tucson, vendor company Sparkloft Media volunteered to donate $10 to a nonprofit active in the Ukraine for every Tech Summit attendee who would either: (1) “Walk the Plank” in the Metaverse, (2) Request a proof-of-attendance NFT, and/or (3) Participate in a short survey after the conference.

Sparkloft Media CEO Martin Stoll reported that thanks to Tech Summit participants, Sparkloft has been able to donate $1,000 to Project Hope. The Project Hope community responds to global emergencies by providing maternal and neonatal care to keep mothers and babies healthy and equipping local health care professionals with the tools and training they need to save lives.

Since its founding more than 60 years ago, Project Hope has trained more than 1 million health care workers with the skills they need to save lives ─ and to pass that knowledge on to their communities across the world.

Thanks to the DMA West delegates for being open to participating in this initiative, being willing to overcome one’s fear of heights in virtual reality, being willing to go through the motions of setting up a crypto wallet and for completing the post-conference survey.

While we hope that the activities were fun, the more important thing is that together ─ Sparkloft Media and Tech Summit delegates ─ have been able to do good. Thank you for that!

Martin Stoll also wanted to share a blog post from Sparkloft Media’s chief of staff who recently traveled to Romania to volunteer in a camp for refugees from Ukraine:

And, if you are still interested in a proof-of-attendance NFT (or you have not been able to find the one that was sent), please contact Martin Stoll at and the company will send one your way.