graph1.jpgNew Research Study Underway for 2020

DMO Visitor Guide Readership & Conversion Study

The DMA West Education & Research Foundation has partnered with Destination Analysts to assist DMOs in developing a profile of travelers who use DMO-published official Visitor Guides and estimate the Return on Investment these official Visitor Guides bring to their respective communities. The DMA West Foundation Board of Directors has earmarked a specific amount to support this industry research project in conjunction with discounted fees paid by participating DMOs. Contributions from more than 100 DMA West-member organizations and sponsorship from Miles Partnership allow the Foundation to provide grants to many of the participating DMOs in the study.  

  • Participating DMOs with budgets of less than $1 million – Grant of $5,000
  • Participating DMOs with budgets of $1 million to $5 million – Grant of $2,500
  • Participating DMOs with budgets more than $5 million – No grant

The total project fee for each participating DMO, including deliverables and incentives, is $12,000.

Note: Additional geolocation/big data analysis on visitor guide requestors will be made available to study participants at an additional cost via UberMedia.

In 2021, the Executive Summary of the study will be available on a complimentary basis to the destination marketing industry at large.