DMO Website User & Conversion Study
Yearlong Study Almost Complete

The DMA West Foundation has partnered with Destination Analysts, Inc. to assist DMOs in developing a profile of travelers who use official DMO websites and estimate the ROI these websites bring to their respective communities. Destination Analysts plans to present the findings of the Foundation’s yearlong study of 13 DMO websites -- including who uses these websites, their rates of conversion and the economic impact they generate for their destinations – at the 2017 DMA West Tech Summit in Salt Lake City, March 15-17.

The DMA West Foundation Board of Trustees plans to make the study’s executive summary available to the DMO industry in spring 2017. In addition, the Foundation and Destination Analysts will sponsor a complimentary webinar in spring 2017 to present the findings of the study; webinar date to be announced.

Study participants include the following DMOs: Albuquerque, Big Bear, Central Oregon, Laguna Beach, Lane County, North Lake Tahoe, Oakland, Park City, San Francisco, Sonoma County, Washington County, West Hollywood, and Yakima Valley.