2016 Food Travel Monitor

The 2016 Food Travel Monitor has been released by the World Food Travel Association. This is the first publicly available global research study for food and beverage travelers and the largest food and beverage tourism study ever conducted.

The study highlights:

1. Detailed information about market trends. About food and beverage tourism as well as information on foodie traveler preferences, etc.

2. Insight into demographic and psychographic profiles of travelers around the world. Including foodie travelers from Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

3. Better understand travel interests and travel motivations. Understand how food and beverage can motivate travel. Includes motivations and data about wine and beer tourism.

4. Laser-focus your marketing on the different types of foodies. Not all foodies are the same! Marketing only a gourmet experience to someone new to food culture will make them anxious. The Monitor assesses various foodie traveler profiles to help you make more precise marketing decisions.

5. Designed by food tourism research experts. This report is the first food/beverage research that uses food and beverage tourism research experts to design and conduct the research, providing you with the most relevant and accurate industry information possible.

The 2016 Food Travel Monitor provides in-depth data, facts and figures that travel professionals can start using immediately.