Eight Travel Predictions for 2018, as Revealed by Booking.com

Inspired by a wealth of data, traveler endorsements, reviews, preferences and insights as well as industry leading understanding and innovation in e-commerce travel technology, the experts at Booking.com shed light on eight major travel predictions for 2018. Read on to find out what travelers/customers are saying. For the full report, go to https://news.booking.com/en-us/eight-travel-predictions-for-2018-as-revealed-by-bookingdotcom/

1. New tech frontiers
Immersive experiences will reach the next level in 2018, with travelers looking to technology to help better understand a destination or accommodation before they book. Artificial intelligence and digital technology are helping consumers turn the corner when it comes to smart destination intuition, reshaping the way we research, book and experience travel.

2. From dream to reality
This is the year to dream big as 45% of travelers have a travel bucket list in mind and the majority of those (82%) will aim to tick one or more destinations off their list in the coming year. The yearning for experiences over material possessions continues and drives our desire for more incredible and memorable trips. With dwindling patience, instantaneous appetites and empowered by technology, travelers in 2018 will seize the moment like never before.

3. Retro reboot
As well as new experiences, travelers will be revisiting their favorite childhood memories as part of their trips in 2018. Blending the future with the past, next year’s travelers will be inspired to return to previously loved destinations and explore them in a whole new way. A third of travelers (34%) will consider a holiday they experienced as a child for 2018. These popularity of these vintage vacations stems from the feelings of nostalgia and happiness the destinations evoke.

4. Pop culture pilgrimage
With the world at our finger tips, we rely on many sources to inspire us to travel to new destinations. Tapping into our passions is one way of helping to identify the locations most suited to us—from culture and entertainment, to food and history. In 2018, television shows, films, sport and social media—in particular—look set to have an increasingly significant sway over booking decisions, as travelers turn to pop culture for their travel inspiration.

5. Walk your way to wellness
The trend for wellness getaways isn’t slowing down for 2018, with almost double the amount of people planning to take health and wellbeing trips in 2018 compared to 2017 (from one in 10 in 2017 to nearly one in five in 2018). Trips enjoying particular prominence will be those that involve traveling on two feet. A brilliant way to take in the local landscape, walking will be the ultimate way to explore next year, with 56% of travelers saying they want to do walking or hiking trips in 2018. A new generation of walkers will lace up their boots.

6. Economic intuition
Every year, travelers are becoming savvier, especially when it comes to getting the most for their money. With significant numbers basing their traveling decisions on finance-related matters, 2018 will see travelers looking to be even more economically intuitive. Nearly half (47%) will take currency exchange rates into consideration when planning their travels for the year, and almost the same amount (48%) will think about the economic climate of a destination before making the decision to travel.

7. The great mate escape
This year is gearing up to be all about the group getaway. When asked who their 2018 traveling companions were likely to be, the segment with the biggest increase when compared to 2017, was traveling with a group of friends, increasing from 21% to 25%. With 2018 shaping up to be all about the experience, it’s not just about the destination but also the people that matter to create memories.

8. Live like a local, not with one
In 2018, rental homes are going to be particularly popular–not just for travelers looking to stay in one, but also home owners who are thinking of inviting others to stay in their own abode. One in three travelers (33%) say they’d prefer to stay in a holiday rental (a holiday home or apartment) over a hotel and one in five (21%) would consider listing their home on a travel accommodation site. When it comes to playing the role of a host, travelers reveal that it isn’t about having them there all the time. 

Source: Booking.com