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2020 Online Surveys

Participation is Key to Meaningful Data

Attn: CEOs—If you have not yet completed the online data surveys, plan to complete the 2020 editions of the Salary & Benefits Survey and the DMO Budget Survey today! Go to:

Thanks to those member DMOs that have already completed the 2020 editions of both online surveys. Remember, the more DMOs that participate in the surveys, the more valuable the data.

Salary & Benefits Survey

Everyone is interested in salaries and benefits for DMO CEOs and staff! The survey includes a DMO-background data section as well as chief executive officer and staff sections focusing on salaries and benefits. Participating CEOs may download survey summary reports based on operating budgets.

DMO Budget Survey 

Curious about changing budget allocations in today’s environment? Members find the survey information useful when creating budgets, researching funding sources and planning expenditures.