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American Bus Association names World Eskimo-Indian Olympics and Midnight Sun Festival to List of North America's 100 Best Events for 2016

Photo credit: Sherman Hogue/Explore Fairbanks
Photo credit: Nicholas Jacobs/FCVB

The American Bus Association (ABA) announced that Fairbanks is host to two of the Top 100 Events in North America for 2016. Inclusion in the Top 100 list, published as a supplement to the September/October issue of Destinations magazine, indicates that both the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics and Midnight Sun Festival offer excellent entertainment value to both tour groups and individual travelers from around the world, according to ABA. Through nomination by Explore Fairbanks, the 2016 Top 100 Events Selection Committee considered the event's broad appeal, their accessibility to motorcoaches and skill at handling large groups and other relevant criteria. The Top 100 Events list is at



DMO Website User and Conversion Study
The DMA West Education & Research Foundation has partnered with Destination Analysts, Inc. to conduct a DMO Website User and Conversion Study. This research will use a dual online survey methodology to develop a profile of travelers who use official destination websites and estimate the Return on Investment these websites bring to their respective communities. For the purposes of this project and to produce annualized metrics, we will be surveying users of these websites between January 2016 and January 2017.
Information about Study Participation
Western DMOs -- Please contact DMA West Foundation staff at for an overview of the study and a study participant application. Applications are due by December 2, 2015.

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