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DMA West is here to support and provide resources to western DMOs as they enhance initiatives and technologies associated with interactions with visitors, clients, partners/stakeholders, board members and elected leaders, as well as interactions with colleagues and industry peers.

The Destination Marketing Association of the West (DMA West) is a regional membership organization of more than 145 destination marketing organizations (DMOs). The CEOs and staff members of these member-organizations are committed to improving organizational effectiveness, implementing engaging marketing and communications strategies, successfully representing their stakeholders and advancing the destination-marketing profession.

With support of the DMA West Education and Research Foundation, a separate nonprofit entity, DMA West is a valuable source of learning, knowledge and future-oriented research for the destination marketing profession, and provides resources, education and ideas to enhance the performance and influence of destination marketing organizations in the West.

Learn more about what DMA West offers for destination marketers in the western United States and western provinces of Canada who want to enhance their destination-marketing skills.

The State of the American Traveler - GENERATIONS EDITION including Their Motivations & Interests

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August 23, 2017, 11:00 AM Pacific Time
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This quarterly edition of the State of the American Traveler from Destination Analysts takes its fourth annual look at different age groups - and expands into the interests and traveler motivations that define different segments of US travelers. From Gen Y to Gen X and Baby Boomers and travel interests, activities and behaviors - how do different groups of US leisure travelers plan, book and experience travel? How do they differ? Where are they the same? Filled with the latest research and practical marketing tips - this information packed webinar combines the latest research from Destination Analysts with insights from Miles. Share this link with your colleagues and make sure you block out this hour on Wednesday, August 23rd at 2 pm ET/1 pm CT.

Presenter: Erin Francis-Cummings, Destination Analysts
Facilitator: Chris Adams, Miles Partnership

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Industry Research

DMO Website User and Conversion Study
The Impact of DMO Websites

Executive Summary of Yearlong Study Released April 2017

In 2016, the DMA West Education & Research Foundation partnered with Destination Analysts to conduct a year-long Website User & Conversion Study on DMO websites. The Foundation’s overarching goal for commissioning this study was to examine travelers who use DMO websites in order to develop a profile of these users, and to measure the extent that this marketing asset converts its users to actual visitors of the destination it promotes. DMA West member DMOs were invited to participate in this cooperative research project. In total, thirteen (13) DMOs undertook this research.

While each participating DMO received a custom report on its own website user profile and ROI estimates, the executive summary presents the aggregate findings from data collected from all thirteen (13) participating DMOs.

In addition to the support of the DMA West Education & Research Foundation, further insights about DMO website user behaviors through implementing an integration of survey data and site analytics was made possible by a generous sponsorship from Miles Partnership.

The executive summary of the study was released in late April 2017 and is available to destination marketers on a complimentary basis.

Download the summary and discover the value of official DMO websites.

Executive Summary

image002.jpgFairbanks Hosts Annual World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

The annual World Eskimo-Indian Olympic Games (WEIO) will take place at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks from July 19 through 22, 2017. A four-day series of traditional Alaska Native athletic competitions, WEIO draws Native athletes and dancers from Alaska, the United States, Canada and Greenland, as well as visitors, fans and media from around the globe. In addition to athletic competitions, WEIO also offers indigenous dances, authentic arts and crafts for sale, and other cultural activities.

The competitions at the Olympics give men and women the chance to test their strength, agility and endurance—all qualities that are needed to survive in the circumpolar north. Competitive games include high-kick, knuckle hop, ear pull, two-foot high kick and Eskimo stick pull. For many competitors, WEIO is a strong tie to their heritage and a means of ensuring that their culture is celebrated.

Although the sporting events developed throughout many years, WEIO was created in 1961 in response to the rapidly spreading impact of western culture into rural areas. The event has since grown to include more than 50 games, with an ever-increasing number of athletes.

WEIO provides visitors the rare chance to experience a culture alongside those who live within it. To learn more about the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, visit

Photo Credit: Sherman Hogue/Explore Fairbanks

Photo Credit: Sherman Hogue/Explore Fairbanks





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Leadership Summit 

Thanks to the DMO leaders, peer panelists, facilitators, speakers, and sponsors for a productive Leadership Summit in Aspen. Kudos to the Aspen Chamber Resort Association for serving as our host!