Career Awareness and Talent Development

From the student fresh out of college to an experienced employee seeking a career change, the DMA West Foundation believes a destination marketing career is a viable consideration for job seekers.

There are many career choices in today’s destination marketing organizations, such as management/administration and human resources, marketing, digital marketing, sales, community relations, travel trade/leisure, sports development, communications and PR, graphic design, membership/partnership, research, visitor/convention services, film and more.

The Foundation Board of Trustees believes it is a priority to foster a community of diverse and talented individuals to embrace destination marketing as a career choice.

The DMA West Foundation is committed to the promotion of destination marketing careers and invites western DMOs to provide opportunities for potential employees through job postings and internship postings.

DMA West Foundation White Paper

Understanding the Career Path of Destination Marketing Professionals
In fall 2015, DMA West members we invited to answer questions about career advancement in the DMO industry as well as DMO internships and talent-recruiting practices. This research attempts to develop an understanding of existing practices within the industry as well as the need for potential innovation. The collected information and input are tremendously valuable to the DMA West Foundation as it develops new resources for DMOs. The survey was conducted in consultation with Destination Analysts. We invite you to review the White Paper: Understanding the Career Path of Destination Marketing Professionals.

Internships at DMOs
The Foundation Board of Trustees is in the process of evaluating the future possibility of posting DMO internships on this website.

Jobs at DMOs

Job Shadow Day at a DMO

Is your organization interested in collaborating with local high schools to provide junior- and senior-year students with an up-close look at career opportunities in the tourism/travel industry? 

A Job Shadow Program reinforces the importance of continuous education, as well as the required employment skills needed to become career-ready. The DMA West Foundation Board of Trustees thanks Antoinette Lara, director-human resources, at the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board for developing materials for a Job Shadow Day at a DMO.

Some schools have utilized Job Shadow Days as a reward for academic achievement. This is a good opportunity for your organization to earn a seat at the table and become involved in promoting careers in the destination marketing industry.

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