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Programs and Services Overview

DMA West – where we’re committed to providing relevant tools to help you—the career destination marketer—effectively advance your organization, your community influence and your career.

One of the most valuable benefits repeatedly expressed by members is the opportunity to build personal networks with western DMO professionals and knowledgeable vendor partners.  

Be a part of the successful future of destination marketing.

Education Programs

  • DMA West Tech Summit & Vendor Showcase
  • DMA West Leadership Summit
  • DMA West Destination Marketing Summit & Vendor Showcase and Best Idea Program

DMA West Tech Summit & Vendor Showcase
Creative and energizing, the Tech Summit and Vendor Showcase includes dozens of technology strategies and solutions to benefit your staff and your organization. Meet with vendor representatives at the Vendor Showcase and preview the newest tools, products and services available. The Tech Summit is sched­uled for March or April.

DMA West Leadership Summit
The Leadership Summit provides CEOs with strategies for thriving at the top—and includes discussions about solving management problems, working with volunteer and elected leaders, marketing strategies and understanding issues in the meetings and travel industries. The Leadership Summit is scheduled for July or August.

DMA West Education Summit & Vendor Showcase and Best Idea Program
The Education Summit sessions focus on creative and resourceful marketing strategies, innovative technologies and tips for adapting to industry trends and organizational demands. The Vendor Showcase features trade publications, technology, marketing and research firms. The Best Idea Program highlights members’ innovative techniques or imaginative approaches to promoting their destinations, managing their organizations, providing services and communicating with stakeholders. The Best Idea Booklet is uploaded annually to the Resource Library. The Education Summit is scheduled for September.

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  • Membership Directory (online)
  • Peer Resource Guide (online)
  • Newsletter (online)
  • Western Destinations Guide (print)
  • Resource Library (online)
  • Jobs & Careers (online)

Membership Directory (online)
DMA West’s online membership directory includes an organization profile, which lists key senior staff and includes DMO information such as budget range, number of full-time staff, room tax rate and more.

Peer Resource Guide (online)
When you need information or assistance specific to your work or a project, remember that our own DMA West members have a wealth of experience and expertise to share. The individu­als listed in the various areas of expertise have offered to provide advice and counsel when contacted by a DMA West colleague.

Newsletter (online)
Newsnotes highlights DMA West activities and features industry and member news. The publication includes several ongoing columns such as “Bureau News,” “People on the Move” and “Awards/Kudos.”

Western Destinations Guide (print)
On an annual basis, DMA West partners with Convene, the award-winning journal of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), to produce a special Western Destina­tions Guide (March distribution). This valuable marketing opportunity is available exclusively to DMA West members to showcase western destina­tions.

Resource Library (online)
Members looking for sample materi­als—such as bylaws, job descriptions, annual reports and marketing plans—are invited to download online library materials. The items are contributed by members and are available to assist in managing operations and planning marketing strategies.

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Jobs & Careers (online)
The Job Board is available, at a minimal cost, to both member and nonmember DMOs seeking to fill CEO and staff vacancies.

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  • DMO Budget Survey (online)
  • CEO and Staff Salary and Benefits Survey (online)

DMO Budget Survey (online)
DMA West annually sponsors a DMO budget survey with results available to participating member DMOs. The survey is designed to determine member budget classifications and provide a focus on those items affecting a DMO's budget. The survey provides useful information for DMO planning activities.

CEO and Staff Salary and Benefits Survey (online)
The purpose of this survey is to determine the salary and benefit schedules of CEOs and staff members, as well as to collect data on such items as employment contracts and benefits. The survey provides valuable data for member DMOs to use in allocating resources and benefits. Participating CEOs can prepare reports based on selected criteria such as bureau budget, type of bureau, number of full-time employees, etc.

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DMA West Education & Research Foundation

  • Research
  • Business of Bureaus Video Modules

For 2016, the DMA West Education & Research Foundation has partnered with Destination Analysts, Inc. to conduct a yearlong DMO Website User and Conversion Study. This research will use a dual online survey methodology to develop a profile of travelers who use DMO-managed official destination websites and estimate the Return on Investment these websites bring to their respective communities. For the purposes of this project and to produce annualized metrics, users of these websites are being surveyed between January 2016 and January 2017. The DMA West Education and Research Foundation Board of Directors earmarked funds for study grants to support this industry research project in conjunction with discounted fees paid by western DMOs participating in the study. Thirteen western DMOs are participating in the study. The Foundation will produce an executive summary of the study as an industry report available free of charge.

In 2015, the Foundation conducted a DMO Career and Internship Survey to ask questions about career advancement in the DMO industry as well as DMO internships and talent-recruiting practices. This research attempts to develop an understanding of existing practices within the industry as well as the need for potential innovation. The survey was conducted in consultation with Destination Analysts. The white paper, “Understanding the Career Path of Destination Marketing Professionals,” is posted at – click on the Foundation.

In mid-2014, the Foundation conducted a Comprehensive Member and Prospective Member Needs Assessment and Perceptions Survey to gather information to enhance programs and services and determine future research projects.

In 2013, the Education & Research Foundation Board of Trustees commissioned a DMO Visitor Guide User and Conversion Study, designed to assist DMOs in developing a profile of travelers who use DMO-published official Visitor Guides and estimate the ROI these guides bring to their communities. Eleven western DMOs participated in the yearlong study. The Foundation has produced an executive summary of the study as an industry report available free of charge. The report is posted at – click on Foundation.

“Business of Bureaus” Video Modules
The training modules are available via streaming video at Click on the Resource Library in the Resources Section. Modules: Media Relations & Community Relations, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Advertis­ing, Sales, Services, and Social Media. The videos are also available for purchase as a series or individual DVDs.

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The Foundation’s scholarship programs offer DMO personnel (CEOs and staff members) the opportunity to attend DMA West’s education programs as well as other approved industry conferences and educational opportunities. See specific scholarship programs for details.

  • Tech Summit Scholarship
  • CEO & Executive-level Staff Training (Rosalind Williams Memorial Scholarship)
  • Destination Marketing Summit Scholarship

Tech Summit Scholarship
This program offers DMO personnel the opportunity to attend DMA West’s spring Tech Summit. Each scholarship includes registration and lodging.

CEO & Executive-level Staff Training (Rosalind Williams Memorial Scholarship)
This Foundation program offers scholarships to DMO CEOs and senior-level executives to attend training programs (e.g., workshops and industry conferences, university classes, etc.). The executive training programs must be presented by professional organizations or accredited institutions.

Education Summit Scholarship
This program offers CEOs and staff personnel the opportunity to attend DMA West’s fall Education Summit. Each scholarship includes registration and lodging.

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Online Event Registration
Members may register online for upcoming programs. Online event registration is available using an event registration form, with the addition of a secure credit card payment area. Members may also download an event brochure and registration form, complete the form, and fax, email or mail it to the Association office, along with a check or credit card payment information.

E-mail Communications
Contact staff with your industry or Association questions and comments at