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Visit Mesa Launches Aira, Guided Visual Interpretation Services for Visitors and Residents

As part of Visit Mesa’s ongoing mission to ensure Mesa, Ariz., is regarded as one of the nation’s most accessible travel destinations they are launching a partnership with Aira, an on-demand visual interpretation service. The launch of the service took place October 15, which was National Blind Americans Equality Day.

Visit-Mesa_Mall_Map_photo-credit-Aira.pngAira is a new accessibility technology that serves people who are blind or have low vision. Prior to arrival, visitors can download the Aira app to their smart phone and get access to a trained Aira agent who can assist with trip planning. While in Mesa’s city limits, visitors can access the agent to guide them throughout public buildings, attractions, restaurants, hotels and more. Customers of Aira are referred to as Explorers and this instant access to visual information at the touch of a button will enhance everyday efficiency, engagement, and independence.

In Mesa, this service is one of several initiatives the destination marketing organization is implementing to ensure all visitors are welcomed and travel to Mesa is enjoyable.

“Visit Mesa is on a journey to becoming a recognized leader in travel accessibility,” said Alison Brooks, Director of Destination Experience and Advocacy at Visit Mesa. “We are putting travel inclusion at the forefront of all we are doing in Mesa and this new service shares an important message to this customer base that their needs and requirements to better experience and explore our destination will be supported. We want every visitor, and ultimately resident of Mesa, to explore our city with ease and comfort.”

Visit-Mesa_Bus_Arriving_photo-credit-Aira.pngAira’s visual interpretation services are currently available in all Starbucks and Target stores nationwide. The free service for Mesa, Arizona, started October 15. As part of Visit Mesa’s commitment to accessibility, any guest living or visiting Mesa who is blind or has low vision can use the Aira service while located within Mesa city limits. The service outside of Mesa’s borders is complimentary for up to five minutes and then fees apply. Both iOS and Android phones are supported. Watch this video to see how Aira visual interpretation services impact the community:

Visit Mesa helped establish the Mesa Regional Foundation for Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion to enhance and implement equity, diversity and inclusion for youth and adults within the Mesa community. The Foundation will support programs that expand upon accessibility throughout Mesa with a special emphasis on technology. Additional programs supported by Visit Mesa include the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program and the on-going efforts surrounding Mesa, Arizona’s designation as an Autism Certified City.