Leadership Summit

The Resilience of Our Destinations and the Evolution of Our Organizations

Sessions - June 21, 22, 23, 24 & 28

Along with the rest of the world, the world of DMOs and their destinations has been changing on a daily basis during the past year. Both the role of the DMO is evolving along with the role of the CEO (and other positions) within an organization.

You’ll see a theme throughout the Leadership Summit sessions focusing on what we’ve learned in the past year and how DMO leaders are using that knowledge to move forward.

Energize your leadership journey through peer discussions and presentations to help you adapt to new environments and navigate potential opportunities.

Harness the Wisdom in the (Virtual) Room

  • Connect with DMO leaders in a series of deeper-dive discussions at the roundtables.
  • Hear inspiring stories and share best practices with your peers about transforming organizations, teams and communities.
  • Discover strategies and models to help your DMO thrive through stewardship as well as destination development and management.
  • Gather tactical, strategic insights about innovative DMOs, successful organizational cultures and more.

Let’s keep our DMA West CEO community connected and informed. Don’t put your professional development on hold. Register today for the Leadership Summit.

An Invitation for Leadership Summit Registrants | Chat with Your Peers via Slack
A week or so before the Summit, we’ll send registrants an invitation to join the group of Leadership Summit CEOs via Slack. The Planning Committee believes it will help deepen the conversations during the Summit if we provide this pre-summit opportunity. As many of you know, Slack is a chatroom where people can talk with one another instantly. Summit registrants will also have the option to send direct messages to CEO peers who are also attending the virtual Leadership Summit. In addition, you can upload and share documents through either your computer or your Google Drive account.

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