Salary/Benefits Survey and DMO Budget Survey                  

2017 Online Editions Available in July

The surveys are part of the “members-only” suite of services, with results accessible only to survey participants. Remember, more completed online surveys means more relevant data. Your industry colleagues will appreciate your participation! The 2017 editions of both surveys will be online in mid-July for completion.

Last year the Association’s Survey Review Task Force slightly revised both the CEO & Staff Salary & Benefits Survey and the DMO Budget Survey.

Salary & Benefits Survey

CEOs are asked to report staff salary information by key function areas at various levels from executive level to support level. Reminder: If your DMO does not have a comparable position of any listed, leave the salary information blank for that position(s). For example, if your organization does not have a Vice President/Director of Communications, but has a Communications Manager, you would leave the lead-position salary box blank and report the average salary for your organization’s Communications Manager in the appropriate box. Survey results will be available using budget ranges.

DMO Budget Survey

Interested to know how your budget stacks up to others in your competitive set? Curious about changing budget allocations in today’s environment? If so, plan to complete the 2017 edition of the DMO Budget Survey this summer and encourage your fellow CEOs to do the same. Members use the survey information when creating budgets, researching funding sources and planning organization expenditures. Results will be available via the standard DMO ‘profile’ or download the tabulation version.