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Seattle Southside Scenes: Storytelling Campaign

The people of the Seattle Southside region have fascinating stories to tell. As a Regional Tourism Authority, Seattle Southside is excited to share a new storytelling campaign meant to bring to light the uniqueness of their region. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at Seattle Southside’s most captivating public art locations, rich historical sites and diverse cultural communities.

Art Scenes - Artists throughout Seattle Southside have contributed to the Pacific Northwest’s legacy of creative and legendary public art.

Historical Scenes - From the First Peoples to early European settlers, Seattle Southside has a rich and fascinating history. Fortunately for history buffs, locals have a penchant for documenting and protecting this region’s history through museums, historic landmarks and oral histories.

Cultural Scenes - Seattle Southside is fortunate to be home to many cultural communities and traditions. This diversity shines through

in everything from the dining scene to unique shopping experiences and cultural events.

Explore Seattle Southside Scenes website.