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Visit Ventura Kicks Off "Ventura Highway" Video Series

Visit Ventura is telling the story of a song and town, and how the two are forever ─ and rightly ─ linked. And how that bond just became that much stronger.

Ventura Highway in the sunshine
Where the days are longer
The nights are stronger
Than moonshine.
You’re gonna go, I know

Every time “Ventura Highway” plays, and, if you are lucky enough to know Ventura, well then you know that Dewey Bunnell, who penned the words to “Ventura Highway,” got it exactly right. How could Visit Ventura not reach out to the band and their representatives? And so they did. Visit Ventura’s aim was simple. To pair America’s iconic “Ventura Highway” with an iconic Southern California beach town. They negotiated with America’s representatives for 18 months, much of that time during the pandemic (when it didn’t hurt to have a happy song humming in their heads). And even before the agreement was reached the Visit Ventura team was dreaming ─ what visuals they would shoot, what models they would use, what joy they would bring, what message they would, well, sing.

America immortalized “Ventura Highway.” Ventura makes the magic real.

The first of the “Ventura Highway” videos went live September 29. A series of videos follow ─ some a minute long, some shorter. The videos focus on families, couples, and friend-ventures ─ and they kept every bit of it in-house. The videos feature Ventura locals and the town’s businesses and beaches. Every flickering second of film (they used some old school approaches) ─ from the talent to the transportation ─ is real-deal local.

Using the videos, Visit Ventura will broadcast that joyous ─ and critical ─ message to the world.

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